Complaints to the Public Prosecutor

Dec 2013 general prosecutor

Alaa Abd El Fattah and Ahmad Abdelrahman have been in jail for a month. Their case was referred to the Criminal Court 20 days ago, but till now lawyers have not gained access to the case file, nor have we been able to find out which district court will try them, or when.

It took the Prosecutor's Office 2 weeks to investigate the case and refer it, but it's taken them 3 weeks to send the case file from the Prosecutor's office to the Court - and we don't yet know whether the file is complete and correct.

Because of this, we, Alaa's family, went today to the office of the Public Prosecutor, where we presented a collection of complaints and demands as follows:

1. That the Prosecution should complete the case file for the "Shura Council Protest - 26/11" so that the Court can set a date for the trial.

2. That the Prosecution should investigate the charges filed by Alaa and Manal, his wife, against the Ministry of the Interior for the thuggish behaviour of its police force in the process of detaining Alaa.

3. Before the case was referred to the Criminal Court, Alaa tried to appeal against his imprisonment on remand. The procrastination of the Prosecutor's Office in taking delivery of the appeal resulted in Alaa being denied this right. We demand an investigation into this.

4. We demand that Alaa be enabled to appear personally at court on January 5, in the case known as "the setting fire to the headquarters of (General Ahmad) Shafiq".

5. Alaa should be able to to send and receive letters and to write for local, regional and international media outlets.

6. All prisoners on remand should be able to take part in the coming referendum if they so wish.

This document was registered as "19528/2013 Public Prosecutor Appeals". It was also faxed to the Central Cairo Prosecution dated today, 29 December 2013.

We also complained about the Prosecution's assertion that - after the referral to the Criminal Court - the family only has a right to a "Prosecutor's Permit to Visit" every 30 days rather than every 15 days as is normal for prisoners on remand. This was registered as "16530/2013".

And finally we put in a request for a permit for a family visit to Alaa which was registered as 019562/2013.